IoT Cloud

General user cases

Smart Cities

Navmatix Smart city IoT sensors include smart meters, pollution sensors, Co2 sensors in schools and universities, monitoring of historic statue’s from vandalism, location context apps with our GNSS cloud, flat roof monitoring of commercial buildings, indoor positioning for tracking assets and people with our UWB IPS Cloud solution, bridge  monitoring with our GNSS hardware and much more.

At Navmatix we provide a complete end-to-end platform and support with IoT gateway hardware, sensors and our IoT cloud solution with customizable web management tools for monitoring, managing and tracking the complete smart city environment.

Smart Agriculture

With Navmatix new Smart Farm Base Station, farmers can now combine both GNSS positioning for real-time cm level RTK on their tractors or even UAV’s for precision farming, together with an IoT gateway to allow unlimited IoT farm sensors for tracking and monitoring crops, chemicals and livestock.

Everything is connected via Navmatix IoT cloud platform with customizable web portals for each farm project.

Smart Construction

With Navmatix new Smart Construction Base Station, construction projects can now combine both GNSS positioning for real-time RTK users on site together with an IoT gateway to allow unlimited IoT sensors to connect Navmatix own IoT cloud and web management solution.

Information from all connected machines and sensors are gathered and presented on comprehensive and customizable web dashboards and mobile apps, so construction managers can monitor or check trends in real-time and take any necessary action.

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We support LoRaWAN, SIGFOX, NB-IoT

Users are simply routed to their nearest network servers from their location.


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