About us

About us

About us...

Navmatix has wide-ranging experience working in the GNSS and Internet of Things (IoT) software and solutions industry. Our services are developed by our own highly professional team of experts, who have a combined talent in GNSS, IoT, software development and globally managed cloud systems and services.

Our flexible and adaptable modular software allows our customers to configure their own personalised solutions exactly to their own needs and requirements. This enables our customers to be completely focused on their own business activity and productivity, with the reassurance that we are supporting them 24/7 with a genuine 99.99% reliable service.

IoT and monitoring is an engine of today´s lifestyle and that’s also why we offer our customers the potential to monitor almost every connected internet sensor that is possible today and in the future. We adjust to the market trends and requirements and we feel that we are always a step ahead looking towards future opportunities and new technologies for our customers.

With Navmatix a small city project can soon expand into a global venture!



je spolufinancován Evropskou unií.

Hlavním cílem projekt je navázání nových dlouhodobých pevných obchodních vztahů, a tím i zvýšení obratu.

Who we are...

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Technology Provider

We are a technology provider for small companies or large corporate organisations that are looking for solutions in either outdoor GNSS positioning, indoor IPS positioning or IoT solutions for their products and users.

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Solution Provider

We offer highly sophisticated global solutions and services that allow our customers to integrate and brand with their own hardware and systems.

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Business Provider

Improve your productivity and ROI by concentrating on your core business with our full GNSS, IPS or IoT cloud solutions and infrastructure support.

About Company

  • Our company was founded in 2010
  • We have more than 20 years of industry experience within our unique team
  • Our Headquarters is located in Czech Republic
  • We are specialists in GNSS Networks, GIS, SaaS, IoT, server farm management and support
  • More than 80% of our products are exported globally

Top Projects

  • IQProxy core SaaS & Modules
  • GloposNet
  • GNSS Mission Planning
  • Base Station Pro monitoring
  • NTRIP checker
  • IoT Cloud - sensor monitoring
  • GNSS Network Planner

Meet our Executives

Miroslav Doleček


Miroslav is highly experienced in software development and Software architecture specialising in geoinformatics systems. Previous to forming our company in the 2010, he was a development leader and head of large government software projects in Czech Republic. Now Miroslav is driving our business forward with his technical and team management skills.

Alone we can do so little but together we can do so much. Without the help and support of our team we could not become the successful global company that we are today

Mark Burbidge


Mark has been working for over 28 years in the Geospatial positioning industry, specialising in global business development and product management of global GNSS network infrastructures and services. He has a blend of experience within GNSS products and applications in the land surveying, construction, machine control and agriculture markets. Mark is now applying his experiences with Navmatix leading our Business development and marketing team.

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