Network Planner

Build your GNSS reference stations network

GNSS Network Planner

Do you plan to build a new GNSS network or revitalize an existing or old one? Our unique tool for GNSS network planning is available for you.

GNSS Network Planner will help you plan the appropriate placement of base stations to cover the area of your interest.

It is easy to use web application.


Plan on the map

Plan the appropriate placement of base stations on the map to cover your area of interest. Add, move or remove stations as you need.

Buffers and baselines

See buffers and baselines around stations to find the appropriate placement of stations.

Import and export your stations

Batch import of stations to the project from a text file. Export the results of your work to a text file to get the full list of stations and their positions.

Attributes and filters

Assign attributes to stations to distinguish them. Set filters to visualize the stations according to their attributes.


Set size of buffer radius and the maximum baseline length. Set colours of the reference stations and buffers.


Designed for any size of project from small agriculture or construction projects to large scale country networks. Save your work to your dedicated store in our cloud. Create and save various alternatives of station placements as different projects.

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